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Here are some parts of the Aberrant setting that are relevant to the campaign.


London Rashoud facility – the first home in the United Kingdom for Project Utopia.The Director of the facility is Dr Loretta Morgan.

Thames House – home of MI5. The Directive’s centre of power in the UK..


Project Utopia – a United Nations organisation dedicated to advancing the lives of all people on Earth. Includes Rashoud facilities and the Team Tomorrow nova teams.

The Directive – a collaboration between the intelligence agencies of Russia, UK, Germany, Japan and United States. A government response to the eruption of novas.

The Teragen – an organisation dedicated to placing novas above and the beyond the laws of baseline “monkeys”. Labelled by most as terrorists.

Aberrants – a small group of novas who have become disenchanted with Project Utopia’s methods and work to undermine their influence over the world.

Camparelli-Zukhov Megasyndicate – the largest criminal enterprise on Earth. Concentrated in Europe, North Asia and North America.

DeVries – a massive corporation built on contracting-out nova “Elites” to high-paying customers. Only the best work for the best.

CORE International – a multinational corporation that uses novas in a range of activities from marketing campaigns to guerrilla wars.

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