It’s 2012, 14 years since the first novas erupted and changed the world.

Up until now, the bullheaded English have resisted any involvement by Project Utopia within their borders, and it shows. Largely unaided by the advancements offered by the Utopians, England has been slipping a little more each day.

Rejection of Utopia’s aid is most visible in London, the disease-infested armpit of the Sceptered Isle. Pollution is widespread and violence, particularly that related to ethnic hatred, has continued to rise.

With England’s refusal to support the euro, accompanied by the degrading value of the pound, the United Kingdom seemed doomed in the long term.

Recently, Minister Melissa Weatherby convinced the Government to allow a Rashoud Facility to be set up in London, with the staff including a small number of thoroughly-vetted Project Utopia novas.

Minister Weatherby hopes that reaching out to the international community in this way will help to turn around her country’s fortunes.

Player Characters

You have all been recruited to Project Utopia (PU) on a £200,000 annual retainer, meaning that you cannot be employed by anyone else. This doesn’t stop you from using your nova abilities to help yourself or other people, as long as no money changes hands. You are also paid a daily rate depending on the type of work you are asked to do by PU management.

Mostly, your job involves investigating weird happenings in the British Isles (and occasionally France) that appear to have a nova involvement. Your bread-and-butter jobs are for the Science & Technology Division, which has been tasked by the United Nations with monitoring, approving and regulating new technologies.

You have the title of Project Utopia Associate and work from the Rashoud Facility on the River Thames. You probably have your own office on one of the upper levels, overlooking the river.

Some useful advantages you might like to consider:

  • Assessment
  • Benefit: Wealth
  • Connected
  • Contacts
  • Minions
  • Skill Mastery
  • Well-informed